College Faculty

The college boasts of some of the region’s best brains. The faculty members are experienced, well-qualified and have widely represented in their fields of expertise at various levels and fora. Here is a detailed department-wise list of teaching faculty with their contact particulars, qualifications, etc.

Sr. No. Name Qualification Email Phone Number
1 Dr. Pratibha Chauhan (H.O.D.) M.Sc., Ph.D (Plant Breeding and Genetics) pratibha1707@gmail.com 94178-03865
2 Mrs. Manpreet Kaur M.Sc. (Vegetable Sciences), ARS NET manpreetjhass47@gmail.com 9041100147
3 Mr. Suraj Kumar M.Sc. (Genetics and Plant Breeding) surajsehdev1992@yahoo.com 8872254751
4 Mr. Jobanjit Singh M.Sc. Horticulture ( Fruit Science ) jobanjitsinghriar@gmail.com 9814011458
5 Mr. Manmeet Singh M.Sc.(Agronomy ) smanmeet770@gmail.com 9463877675
6 Mr. Balwinder Singh M.Sc.(Agronomy ) balwinder.9496@gmail.com 9915874074
7 Ms. Pawandeep Kaur M.Sc.(Vegetable Sciences ) sainipawandeep02@gmail.com 82646-68534
1 Mrs. Apoorva M.Sc., B.Ed., P.G.D.C.A., CIC apoorva.azad@gmail.com
2 Ms. Preet Kamal M.Sc. preetkamal2895@gmail.com
1 Ms. Navdeep Kaur(H.O.D.) M.Sc, CSIR(JRF) NET, GATE navdeep581991@gmail.com
2 Mr. Suraj Kumar M.Sc, CSIR-NET newtonbagha@gmail.com 8837554761
1 Mr. Vikrant Singh Rana (H.O.D.) M.Sc., CSIR NET vikrant.rana47@gmail.com 82840-72216
2 Mr. Rohit Puri M.Sc., CSIR NET rpuri1979 @gmail.com 98760-56265
3 Ms. Pooja Bedi M.Sc., CSIR JRF poojabedi1807@gmail.com 94651-36537
4 Dr. Rajni Ratti Ph.D, Post-doc. rajniratti@gmail.com
5 Mr. Amanpreet Singh M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) amanbabbar0007 @gmail.com 94653-79458
6 Mr. Chandan Singh M.Sc., B.Ed. chandanvandita@gmail.com 94636-72266
7 Sh. Ganesh Kumar M.Sc., B.Ed. ganesh.khanna25@gmail.com 95018-46605
8 Ms. Diksha Chaudhary M.Sc.
1 Mrs. Bimla Jaswal (H.O.D.) B.Com. (Hons), M.Com., PGDPM LW, JPT, M.Phil, Ph.D.(pursuing) bimla321@gmail.com 94176-48860
2 Dr. Raj Kumari M.Com.,B.Ed, M.Phil, Ph. D., Specialization in Finance kumariraj81 @yahoo.com 80542-59600
3 Mr. Amarjit Lal M.Com., UGC NET sr057205@gmail.com 8837789195
4 Dr. Rakesh Kumar M.Com., UGC NET, M.Phil., Ph.D.(BASEL Banking NORMS) rakeshkumar.mehta @yahoo.com 98884-46484
5 Mrs. Jagdeep Kumari M.Com., UGC NET, M.Phil., PGDCA Jagdeep2015@hotmail.com 98552-66551
6 Ms. Amarjyoti M.Com., UGC NET simmy88amar@gmail.com 95928-62088
7 Ms. Sandeep Kaur M.Com. UGC NET skrandhawa688@gmail.com 76962-35221
8 Mrs. Harpreet Kaur M.Com., B.Ed. hksekhon01@gmail.com 75268-80968
9 Mrs. Geeti Kakria M.Com., M.Phil., B.Ed. puneetgeeti786@gmail.com 62835-02179
Computer Science
1 Ms. Gurpreet Kaur (H.O.D.) M.Sc. (Comp. Sci.), UGC NET gurpreet.k922922@gmail.com 9878721871
2 Mrs. Niharika Sharma M.C.A, UGC NET niharika.bhargav.ad@gmail.com 9811016931
3 Ms. Navpreet Kaur Gill M.Tech.(CSE), UGC NET navigill91@rediffmail.com
4 Mr. Gurjit Singh MCA, M.Tech. gurjitid@gmail.com 9501955877
5 Ms. Harpreet Kaur MCA harpreetkaurriarh @yahoo.in 9646318019
6 Ms. Hardeep Kaur M.Sc. (Comp. Sci.) itshardeep @yahoo.com
7 Mrs. Navdeep Kaur M.Sc., M.Tech.
8 Ms. Inderjit Kaur MCA
9 Mrs. Nandika M.Tech. sharma_nandika@yahoo.co.in
10 Mrs. Sarbjit Kaur M.Sc-IT sarbjit_bal@yahoo.com
11 Ms. Sarbjit Kaur M.Sc. (Comp. Sci.) sarbjitsaini71@yahoo.in
12 Mrs. Neha Chechi M.Tech. (CSE) nehachechi4444@gmail.com
13 Ms. Gurjot Kaur M.Tech.(CSE) kaur.gurjot93@gmail.com
14 Mrs.Barinder Kaur M.Tech.(CSE) kaurbarinder1986@gmail.com
15 Mr. Sarbjit Singh
(Computer Lab Technician)
M.Sc-IT sarbjit.s.sabi@gmail.com 98786-09761
1 Mr. Jaswinder Singh (H.O.D.) M.A., M.Phil., M.Ed., Diploma in Comp. Applications jaswindersingh77727@gmail.com 94171-77727
2 Ms. Kanchan M.A.(Eco. & Pol. Sci.), M.Phil., UGC NET, B.Ed., CTET ankhikanchan1@gmail.com 94634-39759
3 Ms. Ruby M.A., UGC NET gandhiruby@gmail.com 918699504330
4 Ms. Rajinder Kaur M.A. rkaur131994@gmail.com 8427927841
5 Gaurav Kumar M.A., U.G.C. NET gauravbhardwaj366@gmail.com
6 Ms. Harpreet Kaur M.A. harpreetkaur11071994@gmail.com
1 Ms. Pawandip Cheema (H.O.D.) B.A. (Hons., Gold Medallist) ,M.A., UGC NET- JRF, B.Ed.
2 Mr. Tajinder Singh M.A. (Eng), UGC NET Tajinder1878@gmail.com 95920-05698
3 Ms. Harpreet Kaur M.A. (Eng), B.Ed.
4 Ms. Rajdeep Kaur M.A. (Eng), B.Ed. rajdeepmaan842@gmail.com
5 Ms. Rupinder Kaur M.A. (Eng), B.Ed. rupinderkaur131990@gmail.com
6 Mr. Sandeep Saini M.A. (Eng), M.Phil. Prof.sandeepsaini@gmail.com
7 Mrs. Veena M.A. (Eng),PGDBM Samreenchumber917@gmail.com 9478058756
Fashion Designing
1 Ms. Navjot Banga(H.O.D.) M.Sc.(Fashion Designing and Merchandising) banganavjot640@gmail.com 75084-92686
2 Ms. Rajwinder Kaur M.Sc.(Fashion Designing), Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Designing, M.A. (Pol.Sci.), P.G.D.C.A. rajwinderdhadde11@yahoo.com 98728-52138
3 Ms. Rajwinder Kaur M.Sc.(Fashion Designing) rajwindersoand89@gmail.com
4 Ms. Sandeep Kaur M.Sc. Sandeepkaur9595@gmail.com
5 Ms. Diksha Sharma M.Sc.(Fashion Designing) sharmadiksha454@gmail.com 9876059354
6 Mrs. Manpreet Kaur M.Sc.(Fashion Designing) merchandising
-Pg diplomam in dress designing
-M.A history
7 Mrs.Sonia Kapoor M.Sc.(Fashion Designing),MSC home science,
niraali6@ gmail.com
8 Mrs. Manjinder Kaur(Lab Attendant) M.Sc.(Fashion Designing), Diploma in Dress Designing
Gandhian Studies
1 Sourabh Singh Rana (H.O.D.) M.A (Gold Medallist), M.A (Political Science), B.Ed., M.Phil., UGC NET, Ph.D (Pursuing) sourabhrana1584 @gmail.com 94656-10055
2 Dr. Kuldeep singh M.A(Gandhian & Peace Studies), M.A (Political Science), PGDMC, UGC-NET, JRF, SRF, M.Phil, Ph.D rawatks44@gmail.com 9646247093
1 Dr. Deepak (H.O.D) M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D drballagan7 @gmail.com 98145-12206
2 Dr. Parminder Kaur M.A, Ph.D parminder.puc@gmail.com
3 Ms. Gagandeep Kaur M.A, M.Phil., NET, Ph.D(pursuing) gagandeepkaur2391@gmail.com
1 Mr. Dev Kumar (H.O.D.) M.A. (History, Pol. Sci.), B.Ed., M.Phil, UGC NET vidyarthidev74@gmail.com 6280567209
2 Mrs. Manveet M.A., B.Ed., UGC NET
3 Mr. Anil Kalsi M.A., M.Phil., L.L.B, UGC NET kalsi11anil@gmail.com 94171-34472
4 Ms. Jaspreet Kaur M.A.(History),B.ed jaspreetkaursidhu49@gmail.com
Human Rights & Duties
1 Mr. Rajendra Prasad (H.O.D.) M.A. Human Rights and Duties, UGC NET (Ph.D (Pursuing) parsadrajan@gmail.com 97797-12751
2 Ms. Inderdeep Kaur M.A. Human Rights and Duties inderdeepholait@gmail.com
1 Er. Davinder Thakur (H.O.D.) B.Tech. (EIE), M.Tech. (Instrumentation), PG Dip. in Industrial Automation, Ph.D.degree(pursuing) dav_thakur83@yahoo.co.in 94633-48658
2 Er. Sukhwinder Singh B.Tech (E.C.E), M.Sc.-IT sukh_1881 @yahoo.co.in 80544-04280
1 Dr. Parvinder Singh (Principal) M.Sc. (Gold Medalist), UGC CSIR (NET), M.A.(Edu.), Ph.D. 94636-75767
2 Mrs. Aradhna Duggal (H.O.D.) M.Sc., M.Ed., UGC CSIR NET, Diploma in Statistics, Ph.D. (Pursuing) aradhnauppal @gmail.com 7589129602
3 Mr. Sukhwinder Singh M.Sc.,UGC CSIR NET ssahota71@gmail.com 8146360563
4 Ms. Suchetta M.Sc., B.Ed., PSTET suchetta @yahoo.in 9872710601
5 Ms. Jaspreet Kaur M.Sc.
6 Ms. Amandeep M.Sc. asunyara3@gmail.com 9501060486
7 Ms. Shilpa M.Sc. ritshilpa@gmail.com 9464444423
8 Mrs. Rashmi Sharma M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D. (Pursuing) rashmisharma.lpu@gmail.com 7508807437
1 Dr. Malvinder Singh (H.O.D.) B.A (Hons.) Gold Medallist, M.A. Music (Vocal), UGC NET, Ph.D., Diploma in Sangeet Bhushan mojumalvinder.singh@gmail.com 9417887219
2 Dr. Kuldeep Singh M.A. Music (Vocal), UGC NET,M.Phil, Ph.D Kuldeepkajlapu@gmail.com 8146857060
3 Mrs. Varinder Pal kaur M.A. Music (Vocal), UGC NET kaurvarinndarpal@gmail.com
Physical Education
1 Dr. Raj Kumar (H.O.D.) M.P.Ed, Ph.D., D.N.H.E., NIS in Athletics (Short Course), M.A. Hindi

rj_2705@yahoo.co.in 99152-77607
2 Dr. Ajay Kumar M.P.Ed, M.Phil.,Ph.D. (Ph.D. guide approved by the P.U. Chd.) jaythakur23@gmail.com 98159-36749
3 Dr. Chander Shekhar M.P.Ed, UGC NET, Ph.D., C.Y.Ed., D.Y.Ed.(Yoga) drcs1983@gmail.com
4 Mr. Jatinder Kumar M.P.Ed, UGC NET, M.Phil., Ph.D.(pursuing), NSNIS in Health and Fitness(short course) Jatinderphyedu@gmail.com 9779935498
5 Mr. Hemraj M.P.Ed, UGC NET
6 Mr. Hanish Guretia M.P.Ed, UGC NET
7 Mr. Iqbal Singh B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed. 94659-70007
8 Ms. Kamaljit Kaur B.P.Ed. (4 years), M.P.Ed.
9 Mr. Harinder Singh B.P.Ed., NIS harindersngh7@gmail.com 94178-82899
10 Mr. Rajveer Singh B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed., NIS in Football
11 Ms. Kanchan Kumari B.P.Ed.(4 years), M.P.Ed. kaushal1kanchan94@gmail.com
12 Ms. Harjinder Kaur M.P.ed, UGC NET jinderbains376@gmail.com
13 Ms. Priya B.ped .M.ped priyarajpoot778@gmail.com 9478522755
1 Mrs. Aarti Sharma (H.O.D.) M.Sc.(Hons.School), M.Phil. B.Ed.,Certificate in Swami Vivekananda Studies, M.A.(Philosophy), Ph.D. Physics(Pursuing) itsgudia @yahoo.com 9417505950
2 Dr. Virender Kumar M.Sc. (Electronics), M.Phil., CSIR NET, Ph.D.(Material Science) virenderazad04 @gmail.com 9781264262
3 Dr. Komal Badhan M.Sc., Ph.D in Nuclear Physics drkomal13 @gmail.com 8437416267
4 Ms. Kamalpreet Kaur M.Sc., B.Ed.,PSTET sanghakaur001@gmail.com 6283629610
5 Ms. Ramandeep Kaur M.Sc., B.Ed. 02ramangill@gmail.com 9815705449
6 Mr. Jagg Singh B.Sc. (Gold Medalist), M.Sc. (Gold Medalist), M. Phil.
7 Ms. Kamaldeep Kaur M.Sc., B.Ed. kamaldeep28kaur@gmail.com 9465972864
Political Science
1 Dr. Tara Devi (H.O.D.) M.A., M.Phil., UGC NET, Ph.D. taaradevi9@gmail.com
2 Mr. Amarjit Singh M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., UGC NET amarjit.singh100@yahoo.com 9478201401
3 Ms. Amandeep Kaur M.A. (Po. Sci. & Philosophy), B.Ed., aheer3233@gmail.com
1 Dr. Jaswinder Singh (H.O.D.) M.A., Ph.D. jassijaswal26@gmail.com 9417164362
2 Mr. Jang Bahadur Singh M.A.(Hindi,Punjabi,Journalism & Mass Communication), B.Ed., UGC NET jbsekhon @gmail.com 9417586028
3 Dr. Prabhjot Kaur B.A (Hons.), M.A., Ph.D. prabhk25@gmail.com 9815295983
4 Mrs. Balvir Kaur B.A. Hons., M.A., UGC NET, B.Ed., Ph.D (pursuing) balvirkaurrehal@gmail.com 94643-30803
5 Mr. Paramvir Singh Shergill M.A., B.Ed. sonushergill@yahoo.co.in 9041881160
6 Ms. Jasdeep Kaur Lali M.A., B.Ed. Jasdeeplali88@gmail.com 9464192972
ashokkumar3323@yahoo.com 9855633778
1 Ms. Manju Thandal M.A,M.ed manju.thandal@yahoo.com

Library Staff

Sr. No. Name Designation Email
1 Mrs. Sawinder Kaur M.A. M. Lib. Sci. (Librarian) kaursawinder64@gmail.com
2 Mr. Shashi Kumar Kapoor Restorer
3 Mrs. Amarjit Kaur Restorer
4 Mr. Sandeep Kumar Restorer
5 Mrs. Shama Rani Restorer

Office Staff

Sr. No. Name Designation Phone No.
1 Mr. Gurpreet Singh Office Superintendent, Offg. 99145-84133
2 Mr. Ranjit Singh Clerk 84373-07661
3 Mr. Sukhjinder Singh Senior Assistant (Accounts) 98782-46981
4 Mr. Anil Kumar Clerk 88727-60555
5 Mr. Avtar Singh Fee Clerk 94633-43737
6 Mr. Kamaljeet Singh Clerk 99885-04466
7 Ms. Himani Fee Clerk
8 Mr. Sukhwinder Singh Record Keeper
9 Mr. Paramjit Singh Office Clerk